The best way to replace teeth either individually or multiple teeth at one time is with implants. An implant is a specially formed piece of titanium that is made to take the place of a tooth root. Once in place, a crown can be made to take the place of one tooth or several implants can be locked together to form a bridge or platform of teeth. An implant can also have a custom attachment that can be used to hold a denture or partial denture firmly in place.

We have our own Clear Advantage System which gives us the ability to do all of the work from planning to surgery to finished project within our office. Sometimes an extraction, implant placement, and tooth fabrication can be completed in one day or at other times it may require several staged appointments. The process begins with records. A 3-dimensional x-ray is linked to a digital scan which allows a surgical guide to be fabricated enabling the implant to be placed in the ideal location. An abutment is screwed into the implant and a crown placed atop the abutment. Implants can be placed immediately in an extraction site where there are no complicating factors but at other times the extraction site may need to be grafted and healed before the implant can be placed.

The process of bone bonding to titanium while healing (Osseointegration) is what makes implants the strongest and longest lasting tooth replacement in today’s dentistry.

Dr. Anderson has successfully worked with implants as part of comprehensive care for twenty years.

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