Comprehensive Oral Restoration

Comprehensive Oral Restoration is the customized and coordinated planning and subsequent complete treatment of a patient’s dental needs. Since all areas of Dentistry are interdependent, multiple issues often can be treated together saving time and expense and achieving our goal of total health and wellness for our patients. The health of the teeth affects the health of the gum tissue and bone support, and the reverse is also true, for example. So, when planning and carrying out treatment, a whole mouth approach is best. Dr. Anderson taught for 10 years in the Advanced Dentistry and General Practice Residency programs at the University of Minnesota Dental School where this approach to dental-care was the mission.

Our dental practice is not limited to just one area of dental-care, whereas some offices are “limited to orthodontics” or “limited to oral surgery”, Anderson Dentalcare provides comprehensive care in all areas. In this way we can reduce the number of appointments and confusion about care that can otherwise exist. When the need arises for a second opinion, we have a chosen list of specialists to add to our team approach. We have been told many times that patients appreciate this focused approach to their care. Another advantage of focusing on total care is that we often can detect early signs of developing problems and initiate an interceptive approach to solve the problem rather than having it become a more complicated issue. Our patients tell us they love having their family’s treatment all done in the same friendly office!