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01 Mar 2014
Stained, fractured, and misaligned teeth can be restored with high tech porcelain, in the form of veneers and crowns, to look natural, whiter and straighter. The desired color and shape is the result of a smile analysis using digital imaging and modeling to give the patient a preview of the potential results. A treatment plan is then formulated that is sensitive the patient's schedule and budget.

Veneers are fabricated in a porcelain laboratory using high definition impressions of the patient's teeth and are made to fit over the outside of the teeth, changing the shape and color as dictated by the smile design. Each veneer is individually fabricated for a specific tooth, enabling one veneer to be done to cover just one tooth, where it is made to match other natural shades in a persons smile, or many veneers can be done at one time, allowing the entire smile to be changed at once. Traditionally, some of the surface of the tooth needed to be removed to allow room for the thickness of the porcelain.

We now have new porcelain technology that allows micro-thin veneers to be fabricated, eliminating the need to reduce or change the shape of a person's natural teeth, while still making dramatic changes in the shape and color of a smile. These veneers are called Lumineers and can not only reduce the amount of dental work need, but also shortens appointment times and greatly reduces or eliminates pain and the need for anesthesia.

Once bonded to the teeth, veneers are a very strong, durable and a conservative way to change the appearance of a person's smile. Dramatic results are possible, and now with Lumineers, it is easier and faster than ever before to make those cosmetic changes you've been considering.