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Intraoral Photos

03 Mar 2014
Digital pictures help our patients understand and take an active role in treatment decisions.

Unless you are in extreme pain, oral disease often comes as news to many of us. This is a problem because patients who feel no pain or discomfort are often reluctant to undergo treatment until they better understand the problem or until a crisis occurs.

As a patient you are much more likely to accept care when you are able to understand your problems, explore options and take responsibility for the solutions. Advanced diagnostic technologies, such as intraoral and extraoral cameras and digital X-rays, use the power of pictures to communicate to our patients in a way they are accustomed to learning--they can visualize the problem.

Images allow you to become an active participant in diagnosing and treating your problems. It allows co-discovery, co-diagnosis and co-planning.

Technology at work

The intraoral camera is the simplest advanced dental technology and clearly shows you that a problem exists in your mouth. While an exam is performed in your mouth images are portrayed on the screen and you see what the doctor or hygienist see. Images can be captured on the screen and referenced. Problems can be defined and solutions can be explored.

Images can be used to help you view unanticipated problems that can arise during treatment. Images can also show the results of before and after cosmetic treatment. Communication is greatly enhanced between you, the patient, and the doctor when you can participate in the process and visualize results.